Streambed - Event Driven Microservices for IoT

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Streambed applications are designed to run at the edge as well as the cloud and so efficient memory usage is of primary concern.


Security is a primary consideration throughout the design of Streambed. In this brave new world of the Internet of Things, if an individual sensor becomes compromised then its effects can be minimized.

Built for integration

Streambed is a toolkit that promotes the consented sharing of data between many third-party applications. No more silos of data. Improved data availability leads to better decision making, which leads to better business.

JVM and Reactive Streams for event-driven microservices

The Java Virtual Machine is undoubtedly the most pervasive environment for running code in the world today. Streambed leverages the JVM so that large communities of developers can use their existing skills to develop its applications. The Java Development Kit's Reactive Streams is a key feature of Streambed, providing resource management through back-pressure. Back-pressure allows the toolkit to remain resilient in the face of failure. Event driven microservices promote responsiveness resulting in decisions being able to be made faster. Services also become more resilient to failure as they can quickly re-build their state by having events re-played.

Standing on the shoulders of giants, leveraging existing communities

Streambed is an assemblage of proven approaches and technologies that already have strong communities. Should you have a problem there are many people and resources you can call on. These same technologies are being used by the likes of John Deere, GE, Bosch, 3D Robotics, HP, eero and Apple.

Open source and open standards

Streambed is entirely open source providing cost benefits, fast-time-to-market, the avoidance of vendor lock-in, improved security and more. For IoT, sensors are connected using open standards such as LoRaWAN of the LoRa Alliance™. Integration leverages popular technologies including MQTT.

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